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Example Gallery #

Simple Todo List #

Todo List Demo

This example shows how Codestrates can be used to create a traditional piece of software. The example also shows how a JSON fragment can be used as a persistent model in a simple MVC architecture. This example also demonstrates the use of an external CSS framework.

Ganymede: Jupyter-inspired Computational Notebook #

Ganymede Demo

Ganymede is a Jupyter-inspired computational notebook implemented in less than 200 lines of JavaScript (excluding comments). The notebook is JavaScript-based and experiments with an explicit model for flow of state between notebook cells.

Simple Slideshow and Use of Packages #

Slideshow Demo

This is a simple slideshow where the content is stored in HTML and Markdown fragments. The implementation of the slideshow and additional packages is imported as packages from this webstrate. The packages are loaded in the #Loader fragment.

Tank Trouble #

Tank Trouble Game

This is a simplified clone of the great Tank Trouble multiplayer game. Send the generated link to a friend to play together. This example demonstrates the use of signaling to synchronize game state and uses the Phaser game framework.

Polyglot Programming #

Polyglot Programming Demo

This code example demonstrates how code can be exported and imported between variety of programming languages, including TypeScript, Python, Ruby, and Lua.

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