Usage #

Codestrates v2 is used in connection with Webstrates. The following sections will describe how to use it in different scenarios.

Use on the Webstrates Demo Server #

The easiest way of using or trying out Codestrates is by using the public Webstrates Demo Server. A new webstrate running Codestrates can be created using the following link (the link is also available in the menu on the left as “Create Codestrate”):

This link will create a new webstrate using the most recent prototype available in the GitHub repository of Codestrates v2. A prototype is a ZIP file containing the HTML and assets of a webstrate. For more information visit the Webstrates documentation on creating webstrates with prototypes.

Use on Your Own Webstrates Server #

To use Codestrates on your own Webstrates server, simply modify the URL from above to match your server address:

Alternatively, you can download the prototype (ZIP) from GitHub and upload it using the prototypeFile HTTP parameter:
Offline Use: While Codestrates can run on a local Webstrates server, internet access is required by Codestrates to download the Webstrates Package Manager script and the Codestrates packages on first use. While this script and these packages are in the browser cache, Codestrates can also be used offline.

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